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Ghatkopar India _ School facade

Ghatkopar India _ School facade

  • biothing for Sanjay Puri Architects
  • glassfibre-concrete panels facade design
  • principal designers: Alisa Andrasek ++ Jose Sanchez
  • Design team: Bryan Oknyansky
  • structure/fabrication/material consultants: Lawrence Friesen + Rieder Fibre C

The skin of a building responds to the weather conditions as well as programmatic distribution in a building. Tailoring panels is generated using a multi-agent system developing non-linear patterns. The visual effect shows rapid phase changes in the pattern.Nested into the panel field are the apertures which allow for different scales of openings to occur simultaneously on the facade and create heterogeneous pattern responsive to different shading conditions. Apertures can be larger in areas where shading is needed relative to the analysis of the sun exposure or wind impact for cooling chimney effects.

Ghatkopar Facade V2 from alisa andrasek on Vimeo.