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construction system

  • biothing
  • Alisa Andrasek _ principal designer
  • design+computation: Knut Brunier/Iain Maxwell/Jose Sanchez/Anica Taneja

[From Latin arbor, tree.]

ar·bo·rize (ärb-rz)intr.v. ar·bo·rized, ar·bo·riz·ing, ar·bo·riz·es

To have or produce branching formations, as the bronchial tubes of the lungs.

“All possible branches are real…” Borges _ Garden of Forking Paths

Arborics is processing simple logics of traditional stacking through generative algorithms:

_L-system: a recursive growth generates 3d distribution logics of the stacking fabric. Number of generations (recursions) provides different degrees of coverage and density. Parameters such as angle and length of the branches articulate 3d morphology.

_Octree: provides partitioning of L system’s growth space into discreet elements and interprets the density data. It seeds the vector locations that sprig the building blocks. Lighting pattern follows particular generation of branches within the L-system.




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