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The Reticulars Series: surface accessories
  • biothing
  • Alisa Andrasek _ principal designer
  • Design+Computation: Tobias Schwinn

The RETICULARS are parametrically variable series applied to interior architectural systems such as ceilings and walls. This surface “accessory” distributes soft infrastructures such as lighting, sound and storage. Wave functions were used as a dominant algorithmic logic to differentiate size and orientation of cells. The Reticulars series investigate the production of architectural systems using algorithmically differential geometry. Such systems are designed to distribute various ‘soft’ infrastructures such as lighting, sound or light storage systems. Cellular units can be parametrically and algorithmically varied into a range of scales, orientations and densities that can provide variant storage capacities, different paths of lighting or sound distribution and different transparency levels. Lighting and sound can be programmed to emit distinct and, over time, variable behaviors.




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