Repository of Computation Design


  • Team 1 : Gabriel Morales – Bryan Oknyansky – Kai Sun Luk
  • Team 2: Tyson Hosmer – Micheal Dossier – Thiago Mundim – Ryan Szanyi

FABWARE is a series of studies offered as an introduction into generative systems for the construction of high-resolution redundant structures using specific computational procedures and physical prototyping. Main design challenge was to reinvent the building block within the context of large population constructed fabrics that can be differentiated without having to micromanage the mass-customized production and installation of large numbers of different components. Based on the ideas of redundant structures, the physics such as the friction between the elements and interchangeable rules of connection, students worked with ways to encode a range of structural capacities, intricacies and other material and architectural effects within the assembled fabric. The ideas of adaptation were exercised through the ability of such space-filling fabrics to adapt to spatial features of the host condition, as well as patterns of light, views and similar. “Weather maps” are forecasting growth of such network fabric, whereby designer captures the behavioral instances of the vector-based system instead of fixed geometrical states. Both local behaviors and global growth depend heavily on the fusion of analog computing of material and vector mathematics. Using prototyping as the primary method for production, evaluation and reiteration, students investigated systems based on a direct relationships between rule-based code and implications for the performance of the corresponding material systems when propagating cnc-fabricated elements into large population structures.

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