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/////Orbita Series/2006/

 furniture series Beijing Biennial 2006///
  • biothing
  • Alisa Andrasek _ principal designer
  • Design+Computation: Ezio Blasetti
  • Special thanks to David Rutten

Furniture distribution and fabrication is derived through the superposition of 3 algorithms:

_Voronoi controls distribution of density of elements (“flower” seating elements) in the site. This layer allows for “adaptation” to the site condition in terms of coverage and density as well as approximate scale of elements.

_ Electro-Magnetic Vector Fields (EMF). Trajectories are mapping invisible frame for the distribution of laminated connections. Density varies throughout the field depending on the interaction (position and charge coming from the Voronoi distribution) of the attractors/repulsors

_ sine wave function computes the exact distribution of the material and map of laminated connections. Additional function is calculating the Z direction (height) of the material which results in the “organic” distribution of the “flower” seating components (shown in renderings).This layer is automatically unfolded into fabrication drawings for cutting and lamination of poly-carbonate material.

orbita series

orbita series

orbita Series


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