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/////Prizma // Budva Montenegro

  • Biothing
  • Alisa Andrasek_ principal designer
  • Architecture / Computation:  Jose Sanchez – Jose Cadilhe
  • Design Team: Kathleen O’Donnell – Vincenzo D’Auria – Bridget Munro
  • Competition Entry 2012 – Phase 1 – 6033 sq meters

Tectonics of the PRIZMA building are developed in order to capture elements of its environment and amplify them. Wrinkling of the facade surface is increasing the exposure to the exterior, taking the advantage of the abundance of views and sun. Inspired by the morphology of the Budva’s Old City architectural fabric, PRIZMA resonates its rich qualities through the heterogeneous packing of rectangular volumes on its facades. Because of its subtle, straight edged, yet advanced geometry, the building is designed to stand out from its surroundings, adding a note of complexity through the richness of its angles. Their definition for the terraces and bay windows are mathematically pre-programed to provide diversified yet pointed vistas towards the Old City and the sea. Richness of the adaptive angles and multiple orientations of its prismatic windows and terraces, provide for an efficient shading, shredding the fabric from multiple directions. Apart from capturing the best views, texture of the balconies and bay windows allows for combinations of spaces that can produce different arrangements of smaller and larger flats, vertically and laterally, and introduces lots of individual character into each apartment under the shared language.

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