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/////Mesonic Fabrics/2007/09//

  • biothing with Ezio Blasetti
  • Alisa Andrasek Ezio Blasetti
  • FlowerPower custom written plug-in: Kyle Steinfeld with Alisa Andrasek

Meson, n.

  1. _any of a family of subatomic particles that participate in strong interactions
  2. _in-between
  3. _medium

In MF BIOTHING explored in-between algorithmic states by trans-coding 3 different algorithms. Electro-Magnetic Field developed through Biothing’s custom written plug-in for Rhino was initially distributed in order to develop structural trajectories for the roof condition. Resonating pattern was imprinted into the ground creating emitters for the second algorithmic logic _ radial wave interference pattern that formed global geography of the field. Finally, class 4 Cellular Automata was used to re-process wave data by imprinting micro-articulation of the ground. Zooming in and out of this field revels drifts in the character of the pattern. This effect is accelerated in the behavior of the CA pattern which drifts between distinct characters of rigid geometrical states and more organic states.


Mesonic Fabrics 01

Mesonic Fabrics Cellular Automatas

Cellular Automata

Mesonic Fabrics 02

Mesonic Fabrics 03

Mesonic Fabric 04 Mesonic Fabrics 05

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